How to project zoom meeting on projector

Zoom meetings are something that you will frequently have to do in offices on the projector but most of us don’t know How to Project Zoom meetings on Projector. Here are the short and simplest steps to do in just 5 mins.


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How To Give A Presentation Using A Projector In Zoom Meetings

you can Project Zoom Meeting on Projector easily by connecting the HDMI cable between the projector and laptop. Then click on the share button given below in the toolbar in the zoom call.

Here’s how to use the zoom on projector:

Step 1. Open your PC Laptop or Mac, then connect the HDMI cable to the projector ( check a good quality HDMI cable on amazon )

Step 2. Click (windows + p), select duplicate. Now your laptop screen will also be visible on your projector.

step 2

Step 3. Now open the Zoom Meetings App. And Join the zoom call from the link you provided.

Step 4. Wait, we are still not completed the setup. let’s do audio settings to complete this process.

Step 5. Connect an audio cable to one of the audio output options on your projector.

Step 6. Right-click on the speaker icon given bottom right side of your laptop/pc. ( click on the show a hidden icon if the Speaker icon is not visible to you.)

step 6

Step 7. Next, click on sounds, and select the playback option. It will show all audio output options.

step 7

Step 8. select your speaker from the list and click set default.

That’s it, finally done.

FAQ | how to project zoom meeting on projector

These are a few Frequently asked questions that are asked by most of the audience who is searching for how to project zoom meetings on projector.

How do I project a zoom meeting on my screen? 

For a single user, it’s not an issue to attend the meeting using the phone or Computer screen live. But if you are in a group attending a meeting or live conference, you must search for a way to explore life on a big surface.

Because of this, we need to have a projector. Yes, the Projector is the way that helps to get you a bigger virtual screen. Also, Zoom features a Share Screen through which you can share your Zoom Live Screen. Go to the Share Screen from the toolbar and select the Projector.

How do I get my Projector to Zoom out sound?

By default, after joining the meeting via Zoom, you just need to connect the audio to listen to the audio from the live video. You can’t listen to the live video’s audio if you don’t connect your audio.

To get audio in Zoom out, tap/click on the Headphone icon near the Video, Chat bar at the down edge of the live meeting. Also, you must follow out the same before on a Laptop or PC while sharing the screen via Projector.


In this post, we shared a couple of easy methods that can easily Project Zoom Meeting on Projector without any professional help.

These tips are extremely useful if you’re planning on hosting a virtual meeting, or if you’re just looking for a solution to display a Zoom meeting on a larger screen.

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