How to install 3rd party apps on LG smart tv

From the initial days, the Smart Tv is getting more features as compared to the previous LED and LCD TVs. As with our smartphones nowadays the Tv also got such features with its Smart features.

Yes, here we can grab the number of features like our Smartphones. When it comes to the installation of the app then it may be difficult and one of the challenging tasks for every smart tv user.

For this reason, here we have explained how to install 3rd party apps on LG Smart Tv.

As with other Smart TVs, the LG Smart Tv also comes with pre-installed apps. But all the pre-installed apps on your Smart tv may not be sufficient. Think of your smart tv as like your smartphones. Would you satisfy with the pre-installed apps on your smartphones? Definitely not.

How to Install 3rd Party Apps on LG Smart Tv?

Installing the apps from the LG Store is not a big deal. From the LG App Store, you can easily find and install the apps as per your need. But all the apps as per your need definitely may not available on a single platform. For this reason, we may have to check out such a method that assists on how to install third-party apps on LG smart tv.

Mainly we have got the LG Smart TV with either webOS or Netcast. If your smart tv runs on one among them then definitely you are near to the solution.

Types of OS on LG Smart Tv

In the above, we have already mentioned the LG Smart Tv runs on either the WebOS or Netcast. Both of these OS looks great and powerful in terms of features. Besides this, we have also found some smart Tv running on the Android OS.

Don’t worry here we are for the solution on how to install third-party apps on LG smart tv.

  • WebOS
  • Netcast

Install 3rd Party Apps on your LG Smart TV

In fact, LG Doesn’t allow the users to install the apps out from the LG App Store. We can’t able to download the third-party apps and install them on your device. The main reason behind this is that the majority of LG Smart Tv runs on the WebOS or Netcast.

Due to this to install the 3rd party apps on your LG Smart Tv you have to take the help of other different streaming devices like Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, etc. With the help of such platforms, we can able to get access to these third-party apps.

How to install 3rd party apps on LG Smart Tv with Fire Stick,

  1. At first, you have to plug the power adaptor on your Fire Stick with HDMI Port.
  2. select the same HDMI Channel-Port where the Fire Stick is plugged.
  3. Power on your both LG Smart Tv and Fire Stick.
  4. Now connect the device to the Home Wi-Fi.
  5. After connecting you have to link the login to your Amazon Fire Stick.
  6. From this, you are able to use all the apps available and installed in that Fire Stick.
  7. Finally Done.

Note for step 2:- If you have connected the Fire Stick on HMDI 2 then make sure you have chosen the HDMI 2 as the source.

Here we have mentioned the simple steps on how you can install the 3rd party apps. The point you need to know is that you have to install the desired or any third-party apps on your Amazon Fire Stick at first.

Next method

LG also features to get the service of some apps that are officially blocked or not provided on country-specific. Yes, let me clear with an example, if you are Xiaomi smartphones from Nepal then you can’t get some apps and features as compared to India on the same phone. The Get Apps is not available on phones running on Nepal set region where we can get this app on India set region.

Here also, as being a multi-national company the LG has restricted some apps and features in different countries.  Don’t worry we have a solid idea that will help you to access those apps and features on your LG Smart TV if it’s blocked in your Nation or state.

  • At first, open the Settings  then go to the All Settings
  • Now go to General  and select Location
  • Click on the LG Services Country 
  • After that, you have to choose another country
  • To make sure the system will show the pop-up agreement window. Simply click on Yes
  • Re-start your Device and check the apps
  • Finally Done

After going to these steps it’s sure you are going to see the number of apps. If there are some apps blocked in your country like Prime Video then you may get that app after changing the location.

Sometimes this process may make you get solution of your solution easily. It’s another best alternative method if you are not able to have access to different streaming devices like Google Chromecast, Roku, and Amazon Fire Stick.

frequently asked questions

Here’s a list of some of the important questions you must know before do any further steps in 2021 and beyond.

Does LG Smart Tv Supports Third-Party Apps

Officially LG doesn’t support third-party app installation. But you have still an option to run third-party apps on your LG Smart TV with the help of some streaming platforms like Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire Stick.

Can LG Smart TV Support Google Play Store and Android Apps?

Definitely Not. LG Smart Tv runs on WebOS and Netcast OS. For this reason, we can’t have access to Play Store and Android Apps directly. But you can go to the web platform from the LG TV running on WebOS to install the Android Apps.

Final Words

Normally it’s one of the challenging and difficult tasks for the most raised question on How to install 3rd party apps on LG Smart TV. Till the date, LG can’t support third-party apps but we can still install the 3rd party apps with the extension and platform like Amazon Fire. 

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