How to Connect Tablet to Projector Wirelessly?

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Well, using the tablet is one of the best alternatives to your laptop and PC. In fact, the tablet is not the best and powerful device for projects but it’s better than smartphones. For this, we got the use of tablet majority by the business owners to make an easy presentation from their hands. But it may not an enough to present the presentation on the tablet screen. We may have to think once about how to connect tablet to projector wireless for better.

How to Connect Tablet to Projector

Wireless is one of the best ways to share the screen without making any wired and hardware connection to other ports. Let me explain the process and points to know while connecting the tablet to the projector wirelessly.

So, connecting your tablet to the projector is not a big deal. It’s easy as you think but you need to set the following points before finding out the steps to connect the android tablet to projector wireless.

If your projector features the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options or any then you are there to connect that projector with your tablet wirelessly. In actuality, the connecting process of such a projector may be different from the brands and devices.

Here we have tried to give the master/ universal steps that you can follow for connecting your projector to the tablet wirelessly.

1. Method I – Using Ethernet (Same Network)

Many of the projectors brand used to work wirelessly using the same Wi-Fi network. In this method, you need to take the help of the projector’s app. We can find such apps from the play store or at their official site.

So, connect your tablet to the Wi-Fi and install the app. After opening the app tap on the Projector option you have to find the correct model name of the projector that you have.

After that, you have to open the LAN features in your projector. For that just take the help of a remote or simple turn on the LAN button from the projector.

On a tablet, you have to configure the wifi connection. You will find the new SSID name and simply the same SSID name. Now you are ready to make the connection of both devices wirelessly.

Note: This method only works if your projector supports these features. It means, your projector must come with these features originally.

2. Method II – Using Bluetooth

Connecting through Bluetooth is simple as connecting your wireless earphones and other Bluetooth devices. Just you need to go enable the Bluetooth option on your projector.

After that, go to the Bluetooth of your device and search for the new device. You will find the Bluetooth ID of your projector. So, simply connect it.

Note: This method only works if your projector comes with inbuilt BlueTooth support features like Wireless Wi-LAN.

3. Method III – Using HDMI Wireless Dongle

The final option that still makes it possible to connect any projector either it features wifi and Bluetooth or not. For this, you need to buy the wireless dongle from the store.

Bring the HDMI wireless dongle and connect it to the HDMI port of your projector. To connect this projector I recommend you to turn off your projector and insert it. After inserting it into the HDMI port turn on your projector.

Let me explain, the main motive to take the help of Dongle to make your projector as like wireless projector. That makes it capable to connect wirelessly using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. After this, you can follow our Method I to connect it wirelessly.

Final Words

In this short tutorial, we explained the 3 possible way on how to connect the tablet to a projector wirelessly. We hope you are happy with this help from our side to make a wireless connection.  



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