firestick won’t turn on : 4 ways to fix it

The Amazon Firestick is one of the other best platforms for streaming movies, web series, and any of your favorites. It is one of the best platforms trusted and used by millions of people all over the world. We can say it is a powerful streaming device like another platform. Although we get enjoyed with such platform sometimes the problem may make you bite your teeth. Here we are talking about the reason why the firestick won’t turn on.

Personally, I am also a user of this platform. Few months before I have also got into the problem and used to search why my firestick wont turn on? So, regarding this, I am here to give you the possible reason why amazon fire stick wont turn on with its the solution.  

Why Amazon Firestick Wont Turn On?

The major issue of many firestock users is related to it’s turning on. Yes, I have got thousands of users all over the world who are in search of the reason and solution regarding why fire stick wont turn on at all.

For this reason, we can’t say exactly the reason for your Firestick. When we move towards the research then we can find the number of reason that helps in identifying the right reason behind it easily. Check this,

1. Problems Related/on Router

The possible reason behind fire stick wont turn on at all is on its Router. The Router plays an important role in the fire stick. So, if your firestock wont turn on or run then your first is related to its router.

Mainly, we have found problems related to internal settings. Because of these internal settings, the router may not works effectively that leads your firestick to stop working.

2. Broken Physical Connections and Compatibility

Another possible reason that I got why my firestick wont turn on is due to its physical damage and problem. Yes, I have found some internal problems or any issue related to your fire stick also leads to it not working.

3. Problem with the Remote Control and Button

Responding or controlling your Fire Stick is only easy and possible with the Remote. If your remote has an issue and problem then it is sure that you are unable to manage the connection and control.

The problems related to the remote and remote control cause strong difficulties and also let you bite your teeth.

4. Issue with Wi-Fi Connection and Power

It’s an online platform for watching and streaming. Due to this a stable and good internet connection is required. In absence of a good and high-speed internet connection, we can’t expect a smooth performance.

5. Black Screen and Adaptor problem

With the lack of a strong and stable connection, our firestick may fail to give the best response. We can say this leads to the black screen that causes problems in functionality.

Also, the problems related to an adaptor. We can say the damaged and expired adapters are also the main reason that causes stops in supplying power.

Firestick Wont Turn on, How to Fix it?

In actual we can’t explain the right answer regarding this. So, make sure you are following the right option and tutorial to solve why the Amazon fire stick won’t turn on at all as per the problems.

1. Restarting the Fire Stick

The first and simple steps that may solve this problem if there is not any physical damage then you can try this. Just go and re-start your fire stick and see what happens.

2. Fixing the Blank Screen Issue

If the Firestick only shows the blank black screen then you have to follow these steps.

  • Use the default cable that comes with the firestick
  • Connect the HDMI Cable correctly /Use new if the problem in HDMI Cable
  • Keep on re-starting the Firestick for 3 times or until not fix (note: don’t try more a many times, if not call the serviceman)

3. Fixing Screen Mirroring

If the problem is based on the screen mirroring then you need to know that the firestick can’t support all the platform and devices like the iOS and Mac (All Apple Products). Also, if you are on Android OS then make sure it’s newer than Android Jellybean.

4. Fixing Internet Issue

This problem is another point that leads fire tv stick wont turn on. So, move towards fixing the problems related to an internet connection. Here you must have a good internet connection with active and working condition.

  • You can reconnect the Internet to fix this issue by,
  • Go to Settings then choose the Network.
  • Select the SSID Name and fill in the details.

5. Fixing Remote Issue

Another major reason for not working on your fire stick is it’s Remote. So, if there is an issue with the Remote then you have to find the right issue. Whether the issue with the remote internal parts or its battery. Find and fix it.

6. Fixing the Connection Between the Buttons and Remote

Make sure the fire stick works actively only after getting the correct and stable paired connection between the Buttons and Remote. So, make sure there is a proper and stable paired between them.

For simple, just press on the Home Key of your remote and connect it. If not then you can update or reset the system.

7. Resetting and Updating the Fire Stick

At last, I suggest you go for these steps if other steps may not work for you. Well, in fact, it’s the second last step. The last step is to change/ repair your fire stick.

Reset your device

  • For that, you have to follow these steps,
  • Go to the Settings and open the My Fire TV.
  • Click / tap/ press on the Reset to Factory Settings and then click on the Reset shown on the prompt pop-up.

Update your device

  • Go to the My Fire Tv from the 1st method and click on the About section.
  • Click on the Install Update option. You can get an update to download if it’s available.

Note: The resetting process will delete all the data, app and files, settings that you have a store. So, do it at your own risk.

Final Words

Now you are able to find the possible reason why my firestick won’t turn on. After the reason, we have also mentioned the solution to it. 

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