How to connect phone to projector via Bluetooth

It’s really easy to connect any smartphones to the projector via Bluetooth. Let me explain that the new projectors feature the wireless connectivity option as pre-built features. When we go to them then we can find either Bluetooth or Wi-LAN or both. So, now we are with the tutorial on how to connect the phone to a projector via Bluetooth.

If you are thinking of wireless projection to enjoy the big screen for your home entertainment or office task then it’s the wise decision of your life. No doubt, a projector is a cheap and best way to get the bigger screen anytime and everywhere than the bigger screen panels.

Similarly, the LCD projector is the best projector that meets the requirements of the best projector at any price. Well, the AMOLED Projector may be the better projector when we follow the same chain in smartphones but still, we are far from that.

Anyway, let’s find out the tutorial on how you can projects your smartphone screen to the projector with a Bluetooth connection.

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How to Connect Phone to Projector Via Bluetooth; Step by Step Process

As with Wi-LAN Network connection, the Bluetooth method is also the best option for you. Using this method one can easily connect the projector with the phone and able to enjoy the big screen.

In these steps, we need the following requirements.

  1. The projector having inbuilt Bluetooth features (Bluetooth support projector).
  2. Smartphone with working Bluetooth option.

So, after fulfilling the requirement it’s time to connect your smartphone to the projector,

  • Turn on your projector and choose the input source as Bluetooth.
  • Now turn on the Bluetooth on both devices. For the phone go to the navigation pane/ status bar or control bar from the top-down swipe and tap on Bluetooth.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings in your phone and search for the new Bluetooth devices. Now find your projector’s Bluetooth name and tap on the pair option in your phone.
  • To pair you may have to confirm and insert the pairing code. Simply, enter the code and it’s okay.
  • Finally done.

So, it’s one of the simple steps to connect your projector to the phones. Well, it’s not the perfect and 100% screen sharing as like connectivity via the wires from the computer but still good.

After connecting from the phone just go to the Gallery and open the images, play videos to get enjoy the bigger screen.

For Non-Bluetooth Projectors – Dongle Method

For a better explanation of this method, you can read our previous article where we have mentioned the steps to connect the tablet to a projector wirelessly. There we have included an explanation of how dongle works as wireless on a non-wireless projector too.

So, if your projector doesn’t support a wireless Bluetooth option then you can still connect your smartphone to the projector with the help of a dongle. You just need to buy and put the dongle in the HDMI port of your projector and follow the same method as above to share your screen on the projector via Bluetooth.

Final words

Smartphones are handy devices. Due to its mobile nature, we all love it. Sadly, its hand limited screen size makes us find such a method to get an experience of a bigger device. Due to this many of us are in search of ways on how to connect the phone to a projector via Bluetooth and this is the topic where we have discussed.

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