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Best soundbar under 10000 in india 2021 :- Expanding your performance on getting with the movies and any things will be the demand of almost all the users. Many we have found many people are in search of the best sounder for making the home alike cinema hall. Also, how much we spend on Smart TV will still have enough to get the bigger sound. To get the bigger sound to give the cinematic feel then you must need to connect the soundbar.

Things to consider before buying the soundbar

Finding the soundbar in the market is not a big deal. Although we can find the number of soundbar in the market to buy, we must need to take proper consideration before buying it. The price is not only the factor that makes the soundbar perfect for your need.

No. of Channels – The first thing that you need to find such a soundbar having at least 2 channels on it. Getting better and simulated surround sound for an immersive experience will   possible with the increase in the number of channels.

Active or Passive – It is better to buy an Active soundbar. This is because an Active soundbar comes with All-In-One setup. There is no need to add other external amplifiers for the processing.

It’s Placement – Nowadays the wall-mounted is trending. Also, laying on the table is a good position for the soundbar near to your TV. So, make sure your soundbar features the wallmounted features too.

Connectivity – Connectivity is the key point. It is better to find a Soundbar with the support of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth for wireless connection. Also, make sure it have the HDMI Port. USB and Aux too.

Subwoofer – For better cinematic sound, the subwoofer is one of the best options. Getting the deep cinematic sound is only possible with the subwoofer. So, choose that soundbar with the wireless subwoofer.

Best Soundbar Under 10000

Here we have mentioned the 8 best soundbar below 10000 with their complete specs, review, pros, and cons.

Best Trimmers

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JBL Bar 2.0

Mi Soundbar

Philips 1000 Series HTL1045

boAt AAVANTE Bar 1500 2.1

iBall Cinebar 200DD

Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL 2.1

Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 9001 PRO

Pioneer SBX 101

1.   JBL Bar 2.0


  • Comes with the JBL Surround Sound
  • Built-In Dual Bass Port for Better Bass with Clean sound
  • Features Bluetooth, HDMI HDCP

JBL Bar 2.0 is one of the best budget segment soundbar perfect for your home use. If you are planning to make a home theater with your enormous TV screen then it’s perfect that I got. In every step, it’s one of the affordable and best in features.

This 2.0 Soundbar comes with the JBL Surround sound and has a power output of 30W. For the bass level, we can find the Built-in Dual Bass Port Design that gives the better bass for your home theater.

The best feature that I got about this soundbar is, this soundbar can work with your own Smart TV Remote. Because of this, it’s more to control over this soundbar of turning on, managing the volume level, etc.

On the box, you can find the remote control, optical cable, and AUX Cable too. Getting with this soundbar for your home use will be perfect in terms of price.


  • Best home theater
  • 1 Year product warranty
  • AUX Cable, Optical Cable, and Remote control


  • Not better sound quality
  • Poor remote functioning (onset remote)

2.   Xiaomi Mi Soundbar


  • Best among the best at a lower price
  • Cheaper but better
  • Excellent performance and physical design

Xiaomi is ahead to provide valuable and premium level products at a cheaper rate. Because of this here, we get the same policy. The Mi Soundbar is one of the best soundbars under 10000 from our list.

If you are in search of a low-budget but better quality soundbar then I think MI Soundbar is the first and last option for you. This is because it’s rare to get such a soundbar at a cheaper price.

Mainly, here we get the better sound quality with a decent physical body. We can find there is the perfect array of audio input in this device. The frequency range of this soundbar is also fixed from 50Hz to 25KHz.


  • Features Ample Connectivity options
  • Comes with the Bluetooth V4.2LE
  • 1 Year product warranty
  • AUX Cable, Optical Cable, and Remote control


  • Lacks remote control
  • Not expected sound quality
  • Lacks Bass Trouble Setting Option

3.   Philips 1000 Series HTL1045

Philips 1000 Series

  • Magnetic bar design looks super
  • Compatible on all devices with the Bluetooth V5.0 & USB Port
  • Easy to control with the TV Remote

HTL1045 is another best soundbar below 10000. This soundbar comes with a better quality design and has the perfect match for your home set. The HDMI ARC adds more comfortable features to this soundbar.

Here we get the 45W max output with an integrated subwoofer. Because of its compatible nature, you can also use this soundbar with Bluetooth for other devices. Connecting with your Smart TV to get improved sound is possible with the help of HDMI ARC.

For the setup then it’s not so hard. The Metal Grille found on this soundbar the simple sound and cinematic sound.

Placing this soundbar to your wall near your smart TV adds ingredients for making your watching and listening performance even better.


  • Simple sound with the Robust metallic grill
  • Wall mounted, easy to place on your wall near to the TV
  • Comes with the Bluetooth V4.2LE
  • 1 Year product warranty


  • Not expected sound quality
  • Not heavy Bass
  • Not enough sound for the Enormous Room

4.   boAt AAVANTE Bar 1500 2.1


  • Premium Level product, Attractive design, Amazon’s choice
  • Best for home theater with its better cinematic sound
  • Control with the TV Remote

boAt AAVANTE Bar 1500 is another perfect that I got to buy under the  10K in India. Yes, it’s the best product for home use with a better specialty.

This soundbar comes to a maximum sound output of 120W and has a subwoofer of 60W. coming to its an audio channel then we can find the 2.1 channel surround table for better sound on your TV. Getting the best cinematic sound will possible for you with this best soundbar below 10000.

With its sleek design and premium finish makes you to go for it. Yes, this soundbar looks pretty and attractive. Also, it’s not compatible for the all types of devices but also works with all connectivity modes. This support the USB, AUX, Optic, etc.

The 3D Stereo surround sound gives a more relax and better experience in your music. Overall, bOAT AAVANTE Bar 1500 is one of the best cinematic soundbars with the support of multiple connectivities and better Boat Signature sound.


  • Supports the multiple-input for audio like USB, AUX, etc
  • Stereo Surround Sound
  • Year product warranty


  • Lacks Bluetooth connection
  • Not better remote control & quality (set remote)

5.   iBall Cinebar 200DD

iBall Cinebar

  • Better entertainment with the Deep Bass and 120W Dolby Digital sound
  • Mode option, switch the mode for better sound as per the sound type like movie mode for movies, music mode for music, 3D Mode

iBall Cinebar 200DD comes with the Dolby Digital sound. If you are in search of the best Dolby soundbar under 10000, they   the best for you. This soundbar comes with the 120W Bluetooth with a subwoofer.

Playing the music, watching the movies on this soundbar will be great for you. With the HDMI Port, AUX, Optical Input, and Bluetooth, it will get easier to get to play the sound on this device. This multiple-source support is one of the best and mandatory points to be mentioned.

For the sound quality, then it’s perfect. It is enough to get such powerful and better quality sound under the 10K price. For better, we can also get the Deep Bass to boost your experience as like the theater.

The Dolby Digital Equality definitely gives high-quality cinematic audio by reducing the ambient noise. Overall, the soundbar is perfect in terms of its compatibility, design, and Bass.


  • Grand design and high-quality product
  • Features the Ambient Noise Reduction
  • 1 Year product warranty


  • Unable to find this one.

6.   Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL 2.1

Infinity (JBL) Sonic

  • Premium quality features
  • Powerful soundbar with the 160W power output with subwoofer

Infinity JBL comes with the Wireless subwoofer ad has a 160W sound output. It’s one of the Bluetooth supportive soundbars for your smart home. With this 160W peak power output, you can get a better experience.

The deep Bass sound from this device makes you get a better experience while watching the videos, movies on your TVs and Smartphones. For the wireless topic, then don’t worry.

With Bluetooth, you can get a wireless connection. Getting the wireless streaming with the big better sound is possible with the wireless Bluetooth and Wireless subwoofer.

In almost all points this soundbar stands and gives a positive response for you. Finally, you can get this soundbar as wired connectivity for connecting with your TV. Also, you can get another connectivity source for the sound like the USB, & AUX.


  • Comes with the Deep bass & Better sound
  • Multi-connectivity source like Bluetooth, AUX, Optical Input
  • 1 Year product warranty


  • Lacks Dolby Digital
  • Lacks HDMI Port

7.   Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 9001 PRO

Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR

  • Compatible
  • Easy remote control

Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 9001 PRO is one of the best Dolby soundbar under 10000. Yes, it’s that soundbar with the Dolby Digital Pro sound. The quality of this soundbar is enough as per the price. For its physical outlet, then we can find a sleek and clean design.

Getting compatibility is one of the major factors, for this can support many methods for getting the sound from your wireless Bluetooth device, USB, AUX, etc. also the sound output of 120W with the 60W subwoofer makes it better to move towards this.

Getting the cinematic sound is really possible with this soundbar. Here we can experience the better sound-like theater in your room. Further, the LED Display Dolby Digital plus volume increases the specialty of your device.


  • Home theater, better sound experience
  • Powerful sound output of 120W with the 60W Subwoofer
  • Dolby Digital Audio
  • 1 Year product warranty


  • Delay on starting of this soundbar
  • Problem in audio lagging (as per the reviewer)

8.   Pioneer SBX 101

Pioneer SBX

  • Crystal simple sound
  • Compatibility

Pioneer is the last soundbar below 10000 from our list. This soundbar is also perfect for the home theater. Its Wireless nature makes you get think once about it. Pioneer sbx 101 comes with a 2-year product warranty and has better sound quality.

We can get a better level of sound output that has the best combination with your visual. In extreme level sound quality then it’s possible to get with the Dolby Digital Audio.

The Hidden LED properly gindicates the all status for you. Similarly, the 5.1 Audio Channel is enough for you to get the super level sound. It’s one of the Values for money products with a crystal simple sound.


  • 5.1 Audio Channel
  • Wireless woofer for Deep Bass
  • 2 Year product warranty


  • Lacks HDMI Arc / Airplay
  • Not  Huge Bass

Frequently Asked Question

Here’s a list of some of the important questions you must know before buying any soundbar in 2021 and beyond.

Which soundbar is best under 10000?

BoAt Aavante Bar 1500 and JBL Bar 2.0 are two best soundbar under 10,000 because of its Premium Attractive design with cinematic sound in budget price.

What is Sound Base?

Sound Base is another part of the soundbar. It is one of the different terms than the Soundbar. This features the difference in size and power as compared to the soundbar. We can find such a sound base is deeper and shorter in its physical length.

This device comes with a better built-in amplifier for giving you the best sound experience. It is one of the best for getting the real cinematic experience in your home TV.

Can a soundbar be used as a Bluetooth speaker?

Yes, Soundbars can also be connected wirelessly, most of the soundbar comes with remote control through which you can easily command wirelessly.

So Which One Should You Choose?

Finally, we have provided the list of 8 best soundbar under 10000 INR. We have mentioned the top soundbar below 10000 that has the better sound quality and features.

To make it easy on finding the best option for you, we have mentioned the 8 best soundbars for you.

This article is prepared the list under the research, review, and by focusing on the customer needs. Because of this, we have well-reviewed each soundbar with its Pros and Cons. From my side, if you are planning to get the Deep Bass soundbar with the 3D Mode and Ambient noise reduction for better sound, then iBall Cinebar 200DD is perfect for you.

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