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RSS, socialists, communists were in the Emergency movement, everyone’s purpose was just national interest: PM Modi to JNU students

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday (12 November 2020) unveiled the statue of Swami Vivekananda through video conferencing at the Jawahar Nehru University (JNU) campus. This statue is also made three feet higher than the statue of Jawaharlal Nehru. Education Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal, JNU Vice Chancellor, Professor and students were present during this period. Prime Minister Narendra Modi during this period Important things somewhere, He began his address with the views of Swami Vivekananda. Prime Minister Modi also told many stories related to the life of Swami Vivekananda.

He told that every ideology should go with the country, not against. Apart from this, he gave an example of emergency and showed how people of other ideologies came together and showed solidarity. At the same time, he also emphasized that this statue of Swami Vivekananda in the JNU campus will inspire the youth of the country on various aspects.

Inaugurating his speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “I will urge you to speak a slogan in the beginning, I will say Swami Vivekananda and you will say, be immortal, be immortal.” He then said, “Swami Vivekananda went to Michigan University when the people of the country were tortured during the era of colonialism. When Swamiji went there at the end of the last century, he said that this century may be yours but the century will be of India. It is very important for us to understand this and the vision of Swami Vivekananda. ”

After this, Prime Minister Modi said many important things while referring to the youth. He said, “I hope that this statue of Swami Vivekananda in JNU campus will inspire and energize the youth. I also hope that the idol should inspire people with the courage and enthusiasm that Swami Vivekananda hoped for. Hopefully this statue will teach people affection and sacrifice towards the country and this was the best message of Swami Vivekananda. This statue will definitely bring a sense of unity among the people.

After this, Prime Minister Modi discussed many important points in detail. In which some important points are as follows:

“The youth of the country is the brand ambassador of Brand India worldwide. The youth of the country represent the culture and tradition of India. Expecting you to not only be proud of the identity of India that has been going on for thousands of years, but also to build a new identity of India in the 21st century. ”

“Who knows better than you (young and ordinary citizens) what things used to happen about the reforms in India. Weren’t good changes in India considered dirty politics? Then how did good change, good politics happen? You JNU partner should do research about this. “

“There is a resolve to make India better in every way behind the changes being made in the system today. With the changes happening today, intention and loyalty are sacred. Before the changes are being made today, a protective shield is being prepared. The biggest basis of this armor is faith. “

“For a long time the poor were kept in slogans only. But there was no attempt to connect the poor of the country with the system. ”

“Now the poor are getting their own pucca house, toilet, electricity, gas, clean drinking water, digital banking, affordable mobile connectivity and fast internet connection. It is the protective shield woven around the poor, which is really necessary for the flight of his aspirations. “

“Today everyone is proud of their ideology, it is also natural. Nevertheless, our ideology should be with the nation, not against the nation, in matters of national interest.

“Look at the history of the country, whenever a difficult time has come before the country, people of every ideology, every ideology have come together in the national interest.”

“The country saw this solidarity even during the Emergency. Former Congress leaders and activists were also in that movement against the Emergency. There were RSS swayamsevaks and Jana Sangh people, socialist people and leftists too. ”

“Nobody had to compromise his ideology in this solidarity and even in this fight. The aim was just one – national interest, so when there is a question of unity, integrity and national interest of the nation, taking a decision under the burden of your ideology, only hurts the nation.

“Idea sharing is to keep the flow of new ideas uninterrupted. Our country is the land where seeds of different intellectual ideas have sprouted and thrived. It is necessary for the youth to strengthen this tradition. Due to this tradition, India is the most vibrant democracy in the world. “

Explain that the statue of Swami Vivekananda has been installed with the support of some alumni of JNU. After jamming the streets of Delhi some time ago, some left-wing students here took the statue of Swami Vivekananda as their Was targeted. The Mao dynasty had written abuses on its pedestal, discrediting this newly installed idol. The pedestal was damaged by writing “saffron jalega”, “Fu & k BJP” etc. with red paint.

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