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Frequently asked questions

Khabri was started in 2020 with the mission to guide the world  about projector and its  technical Information. You can learn about khabri on the “About” page.

The main source of our monetization is sponsorships from different manufacturers and Amazon affiliate programs.

No, The affiliate commission we receive is paid by the product manufacturer and does not affect your buying experience.

We have a team of four experts who does a deep reasearch of top 50 best selling products avilable in the market and after reading dozens of reviews of all the product. we narowed down to top 10 list .

To know more read our product selction process. 

Want to ask question, feel free to contact us

How we select the product for you

we spent dozens of hours on projects including interviews with instructors and experts from manufacturers, We started by researching all of the common products brought up by people in related fields and then created a list of 50* options.

Using the different criterias. we narrowed that list down to the 10 or 8 top Best projectors. We bought most of the products ourselves, although a few manufacturers provided free samples. we have added some of them after passing our quality checks.

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I found this really good site for reviews products and they're really helpful for finding the best projector on the market. Khabri's expert panel is helped me personaly for setting up my projector. It's a great site to check out if you're trying to find a new product!
I was looking for a new site where I can find reviews of projector and its guide, and I found this site. Honestly, it helped me a lot.
Fashion designer
Product reviews are an important part of the shopping and khabri help me a lot for my better purchase decision, as well as make it easier for me to compare different products. with so many product reviews out there, it’s hard to find the best ones. That’s why i trust khabri for my purchase design.
professional gamer
The projector market is a little complicated. There are a lot of projector reviews avilable on internet no one beat srvices and guide of khabri.

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Welcome to Review and technical Information platform: khabri

khabri was started in 2020 with the mission to educate the world about best budget buy product and technical Information.

You can learn about khabri on the “About” page.

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